MAY 03, 2016 10:17 AM PDT
Annoying Sounds Like Chewing Set Some People on a Rampage
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There are some people out there who hate sounds, and these people are considered to have a disorder known as Misophonia, but researchers are currently studying a much more advanced version of this disorder that's thought to be a psychiatric problem.

In some cases, annoying sounds created by other people, such as tapping, clicking, or even chewing on food can generate extreme anger responses in some patients. Oddly enough, the sounds of machinery and other sources of sound didn't bother them.

Unlike the most of us, which get annoyed by people making repetitive sounds, certain patients actually get so angry from hearing them, that they get physical.

These symptoms didn't match anything medically known to exist, so researchers are currently coining this as a completely new type of sound disorder that may be growing.

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