MAY 09, 2016 07:44 AM PDT
Check Out This Homemade Hover Bike
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With the sensation of hovering personal crafts slowly dawning upon us, more and more people are inclined to experiment with hoverboard/hoverbike technology of their own.

It led this engineer to build his own out of everyday parts. Those include a couple of weed whacker engines, some propellers, some metal tubing, and a basic frame. Then, he simply added a place to stand and a place to grab on to.

Although the hoverbike doesn't go that far, you can see that it is capable of lifting off of the ground and moving short distances.

Another thing is you will see small ropes in the video, but as you'll be able to see, they're not tight. They are free-flowing and are there simply for the rider's safety in the event that the hoverbike goes into a nose dive.

Nevertheless, it's really cool to see someone engineer their own solution for the hovering craft era.

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