MAY 19, 2016 06:11 AM PDT
Cancer Trial Subjects Save Lives Too
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While most people hear about cancer research and new treatments and think about labs, scientists and doctors working together, what is often overlooked is that behind every new development there was a clinical trial. Clinical trials include cancer patients and other volunteers who give their time and some times even parts of their bodies to further research. Clinical trials are not possible without patients who, while undergoing their own cancer journey, also agree to be studied, questioned and tested additionally so that more can be known about the disease.

While drug developments, treatment advances and other benefits grow out the lab work, thesis writing, journal publishing and paper presenting, none of it would be possible without actual patients. The time, data and samples these patients provide directly benefit other patients and families. While knowledge is valuable in the fight against cancer what is priceless is the time these advances have brought to those fighting the disease.

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