MAY 20, 2016 07:37 AM PDT
Crowdsourcing Cancer Ideas
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It takes a village, right? That's the message the National Cancer Institute is sending on the National Cancer Moonshot Initiative. Community input is critical to the success of the National Cancer Moonshot Initiative. Members of the scientific community and general public are encouraged to submit ideas for advancing progress against cancer in one or more of the following areas: Cancer immunology and prevention, Enhanced data sharing. Expanding clinical trials, Implementation sciences, Pediatric cancer, Precision prevention and early detection, Tumor evolution and progression.

Leaders of the program stress that it is not a venue to solicit for research funds, sell or promote products or engage in political endorsements or campaigning, but instead gather information on any ideas that could move the progress of finding a cure forward. Those interested can register at the following website to begin being involved in the process of working towards the goal of a cure for cancer.

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