MAY 28, 2016 06:06 AM PDT
Tick Avoidance Advice From Mayo Clinic
POSTED BY: Carmen Leitch
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This time of year, ticks become more prevalent and active as weather becomes milder, and exposure risk for humans also increases because of the amount of time they spend outdoors. Ticks can pass on many microbes to humans, including bacteria that cause Lyme disease. While Lyme disease may just manifest as a bull's-eye rash, it can also cause serious health problems in people.

A Mayo Clinic parasitologist has some advice for avoiding ticks. While walking in the woods, stay on paths and avoid tall grasses. You can also wear appropriate clothing that covers your skin, and use an insect repellent.

Early symptoms of Lyme disease are the rash that appears three to thirty days after the bite or flu-like symptoms like chills, fever and fatigue. Later symptoms can wreak havoc on multiple systems in the body, causing joint paint, neurological issues and more diffuse rashes, among other things.

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