JUN 01, 2016 03:43 PM PDT
HD Drone Video Shows Whales and Dolphins Swimming in Peace
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Just around a week ago, drone footage surfaced on the internet of what appeared to be a dead whale getting snacked on by a hungry, savage school of sharks. Although the footage showed the ocean quickly turning into a bloodbath, not all oceanic nature is as such.

New drone footage, shown here, shows how nature can be quite peaceful in the ocean. The footage appears to show whales and dolphins swimming together in peace, gracefully and majestically enjoying their time in the water.

The whales were reportedly swimming North as a part of their annual migration patterns, and the dolphins that are seen were there merely by chance.

Drones are becoming a great way for scientists to study animals in their natural habitat, because being able to see them from a bird's-eye view means we can get HD footage without disturbing the natural habitat.

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