JUN 09, 2016 09:31 AM PDT
ESA Astronaut Tim Peake Misses the Rain on Earth
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ESA astronaut Tim Peake is winding down the International Space Station has he prepares to return to Earth on June 18th.

With just 10 days left on the International Space Station, Peake is asked what he misses the most about the Earth since he left it almost half a year ago to begin work on the International Space Station.

His answer: "I most miss the rain."

Peake also notes that it will take him anywhere from 2-3 days for his body to readjust to the Earth-like conditions and that it will likely take several months for his body to regain all the bone density and muscle that was lost while floating weightlessly in space for so long.

Peake was the first British astronaut to board the International Space Station, so his presence there for the last 6 months was a pretty big deal for Europe.

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