JUN 23, 2016 11:56 AM PDT
CRISPR Cas9 vs. Cpf1: 5 ways the Cpf1 nuclease outsnips Cas9
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For more info on the CRISPR Cpf1 or Cas9 sytem and for a list of the sources used, please visit:
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*Note: For those of you who may have turned off annotations, please be aware of the error at ~1:32 mins: trans-activating CRISPR RNA is abbreviated as "tracrRNA" not "tRNA". Our apologies!

What's the difference between CRISPR Cas9 and Cpf1?
➜ Dear fellow biotech lovers, thanks for watching our first episode of Molecular Minutes! In this episode, we introduce you to Cpf1, a new CRISPR nuclease discovered by the Zhang lab which we'll soon make available overe here at abm. Cpf1 is smaller than Cas9 and targets complementary areas of the genome, making it an excellent addition to the CRISPR dream team. Watch our video to learn more about why Cpf1 deserves its own fan following!

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