JUL 16, 2016 04:27 PM PDT
Protecting the Vulnerable During the Heat Wave
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A heat wave has hit New York City this week for the first time this summer. City officials have made recommendations on how to keep yourself from getting sick from the heat and who to look out for.

Children and pets are particularly vulnerable in extreme heat. According to Desiree Ramon Reiner, an officer of the American Red Cross, "It's really important that either you put off running errands or, if you do have to run errands with your children or your pets, take them inside - because leaving them in the car can really have terrible results."

It is also important to watch out for the elderly, sick, and those living in conditions without air conditioning.

Heat exhaustion symptoms include confusion, dizziness, dark-colored urine, and muscle cramps. If you believe you are experiencing heat exhaustion, you should drink water, move to a cooler area, and stop physical activity.

Source: mayoclinic.org, Currents NY, webmd.com

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