AUG 09, 2016 11:16 AM PDT
Is Hypnosis Real?
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For a long time, the practice of hypnotism has been thought to be a ruse, and nothing more than a fake act. The idea that someone could wave something in front of your face and you would suddenly enter a zombie-like state and follow any command is laughed at by many.

Of course, some parts of hypnotism may actually be a real thing. Not the overly-exaggerated parts that you've seen on Hollywood films, but the therapeutic effects.

Although you might not become a mindless zombie, there is evidence to support that during a hypnotic event, reduced brain activity can help reduce your fears of being judged and help open your mind up to new ways of looking at things.

It turns out that professional hypnotism can have similar effects to that of meditation, helping to calm the mind of worrisome thoughts.

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