AUG 11, 2016 11:41 AM PDT
NASA's New HDR Video Shows Orbital ATK Rocket Test's Flames
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NASA recently shared the following video on their YouTube channel, showing off the flames put off from the combustion of fuel inside of Orbital ATK's powerful QM-2 solid rocket booster.

The footage uses a new high-speed high dynamic range (HDR) Stereo X (HiDyRS-X) camera that NASA has specifically designed to have a much more powerful viewing capability in blinding ultra-bright conditions, like those put off by the super flames of their rockets.

NASA says that unlike modern high speed video cameras, which can only record video in one shooting exposure at a time, HiDyRS-X is able to record video in high-speed at two exposures at once, which means you get a much more detailed end result, as shown.

This camera technology will certainly lead to amazing footage in future space missions to come.

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