APR 29, 2012 03:31 PM PDT
Analyzing Monoclonal Antibodies| Thermo Scientific MAbPac SCX-10 Columns
POSTED BY: Keith Bisogno
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Stephen Luke talks about separating closely related monoclonal antibody variants - even those that differ by as little as one charged residue - with Thermo Scientific MAbPac SCX-10 Columns. Learn about the new smaller-particle size columns, available in 3 μm and 5 μm particle sizes. The new Thermo Scientific columns provide the same high resolution as the 10 µm size and the Thermo Scientific ProPac WCX-10 4 x 250mm columns, but offer significantly faster analysis and shorter separation times, all with excellent column-to-column and lot-to-lot reproducibility. Additionally, a pH gradient can be used for rapid, high-throughput analysis of monoclonal antibody samples with varying iso-electric points

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