SEP 21, 2016 04:56 PM PDT
The Mobula Ray's Gymnastics
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Forming the largest aggregations of rays in the world, still very little is known about this species. They gather in the thousands in huge shoals, and undergo one of the greatest spectacles of nature. It's thought the mobulas gather in such numbers to find a mate. But before the mating ritual begins, they fuel up on the plankton rich waters to gain the energy they need for the display.

As the numbers grow and the shoals get bigger, individual mobula rays propel themselves out of the water in a spectacular display of aerial acrobatics, before landing with a loud bang. More and more join in, until the area is filled with leaping rays. It's thought that the louder splashes created by the bigger individuals are those most likely to attract a mate. But that doesn't stop smaller members joining in the excitement. You gotta wonder, do those belly and back flops hurt?

Source:BBC One

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