OCT 12, 2016 06:05 AM PDT
Recycling Greenhouse Gas?
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It's well known that greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels are the major cause of climate change. Increasing levels of CO2 in the environment have caused higher temperatures, ice melt and habitat loss. Recycling plastics, using less energy in our homes and engineering better fuel efficiency in cars are all ways to ward off some of the impact of greenhouse gas emissions. New technology from South Korea might have found a way to actually recycle the CO2 itself.

The Korean Southern Power Corporation has come up with a process it says can re-use the CO emitted into the air from fossil fuel combustion. The company says that CO2 can be collected and processed for many uses in manufacturing. It' called Carbon Capture and Storage and while it was initially the process was less green, since 2009 it's been fine tuned so that collecting emissions is easier and more eco-friendly.

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