OCT 13, 2016 07:41 AM PDT
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Cockroaches may as well as have immortal superpowers, given all the things they can live through. Did you know they can go for forty minutes without oxygen, and if they are decapitated, the headless body can survive for forty days (only dying for lack of an appropriate orifice to feed itself with!)? They can see in the dark, survive being squashed to a third of their size, resist pressures 900 times their own body weight, and can travel 50 times their body length in one second!

But they don't only have physical superpowers. They are able to recognize family members and because they can change from sexual to asexual, the females are able to reproduce without males! In fact, they may have even done so in space!

Furthermore, roaches don't actually threaten humans, since they carry no diseases and are quite clean insects. They can even be used to treat some disorders in human and their brains have been found to have antibiotic properties, killing 90% of resistant bacteria and E. coli! Want to learn more about this mini beast? Watch the video!

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