OCT 14, 2016 07:01 PM PDT
Diver Miraculously Survives As Great White Shark Breaches Safety Cage
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In a diving adventure near Guadalupe Island, a diver was enjoying his time inside of a safety cage and was being surrounded by great white sharks in the ocean. Unexpectedly, one of those sharks managed to breach the diver's cage and ended up inside with the diver.

Blood is seen draining from the shark's gills as it exits the cage, but… wait for it… the diver emerges completely unscathed in what was an entirely suspenseful lapse of time.

So where did the blood come from? It wasn't the diver's. It was actually from tuna, which is used as bait on a rope to lure the sharks towards the divers.

According to the video's authors, the diver was a very experienced diving instructor and was able to remain calm the entire time. His ability to remain calm probably saved his life.

This just goes to show that those diving cages aren't 100% shark proof!

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