NOV 03, 2016 04:33 PM PDT
Exploring the oceans with Google Earth
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Just like you can check out almost any part of the world with Google Earth's Street View tool, now the oceans are up for exploring too! By going to you can explore the various reefs where Google has already pilot programs showing 360 degree footage of marine flora and fauna.

By using a special underwater camera that takes panoramic pictures every 4 seconds, Google has stitched together enough photos to make it seem like you are actually experiencing a dive. The hope with this project, other than allow normal land-bearing people to go virtual scuba diving, is to create a baseline of coral reefs so that scientists can measure change as climate change continues to affect reefs worldwide.

So far the reefs up for digital diving are: the Great Barrier Reef, the Philippines, and Hawaii! Check it out!

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