NOV 07, 2016 09:01 AM PST
Here's How Ants Communicate With One Another
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When it comes to ant colonies, ants know what individuals belong there and which ones are intruders. They are smart enough to communicate with both pheromones and sounds to help distinguish between friendly or foe.

Different kinds of ants use different sounds, including worker ants and queen ants, and it turns out they can also smell a certain way too. But there's actually a type of beetle that can mimic these sounds or smells and gain access to an ant's colony.

Said beetle will then prey on the ants in the colony, eating both fully grown ants, and younger ones. Despite their aggressive behavior, they still tend to survive just fine in the colony without any objection from the ants around them.

It turns out that their mimicry abilities are certainly powerful enough to gain exclusive VIP passes to any part of an ant's colony and to earn their trust in the long term.

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