NOV 10, 2016 04:25 AM PST
Possible Skin Cancer Spotted by Alert Fan
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While the antics of some Olympic swimmers at the games in Rio this summer garnered some negative attention, an Australian swimmer Mack Horton, a gold medalist in freestyle, has an alert fan who helped him get some positive attention. Morton has an Instagram follower to thank for noticing a mole on his chest. It seems in some of the film from Horton's swimming events, a mole on the front of his chest was noticed by a fan. They did some research and emailed the team doctor to ask that Horton be checked out for skin cancer.

A few days later, Horton took to social media to thank the fan for noticing it and letting the team doctor know. Experts say that moles are often an indicator of skin cancer. Any mole that changes color, is irregularly shaped or is growing should be checked out.

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