DEC 01, 2016 06:29 AM PST
How To Reduce Cancer Risks
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When the world famous Mayo Clinic recently rated the top 5 health risks facing patients today, at the top of the list was cancer. They conducted a survey on how much people knew about cancer risks and treatments and found a significant lack of information on the part of people about risk, screenings and treatments. In order to close the gap between risk and good information on prevention, the clinic is putting forth a public relations effort to change the conversation on cancer and make sure people are informed on what they can do to reduce risk.

The number one thing anyone can do to reduce cancer risk is to make sure they are receiving proper screenings. Whether breast cancer, prostate cancer or any other kind, screenings should be a part of everyone's health care. Topping out the list of healthy habits and lifestyle changes was smoking cessation. Smoking is indicated in the cause of more than half a dozen cancers and increases patient risk in many more. Eating right and exercise are other ways that are low cost and high benefit in reducing cancer risk. Finally, the issue of vaccines is important to be aware of. The HPV vaccine alone has been shown to reduce the risk of head and neck cancers in men and cervical cancer in women.

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