DEC 12, 2016 01:19 PM PST
What Happens When You Get Drunk and Stoned at the Same Time?
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A lot of people know the mental effects of being drunk, and some even know the effects of getting stoned, but if you've ever wondered what would happen if you were both at the same time and didn't want to dabble in the obvious dangers of partaking yourself, you'll be happy to know that reputable scientific studies have already been there and done that for you.

Alcohol slows your brain's thought process way down and marijuana magnifies perception, both which seem to be contradictory side effects. Taking them together would, in turn, have a somewhat chaotic impact on the mind. On the other hand, taking both together also makes you feel higher than you would if you only had marijuana to begin with.

Studies involving lab rats found that becoming both drunk and stoned simultaneously led to problematic memory loss, keeping the rats from being able to recognize specific things.

But according to other tests, those who drank and used marijuana simultaneously also found that they had better highs and euphoric effects while under their influence than they would individually.

Alcohol also increases the absorption of THC from marijuana into your body, which makes you feel better, while the marijuana has been observed helping to protect the body from the negative liver-killing side effects of alcohol.

On the negative side of things, marijuana is also known to prevent vomiting, which means those who experience alcohol poisoning would be unable to expel the bad chemicals from their bodies, which has the potential to land the user in serious trouble.

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