DEC 14, 2016 05:15 AM PST
Smog Blankets Paris
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While Delhi in India is dealing with record smog and pollution, it seems the same issue is plaguing the City of Light, Paris. Other cities in Europe are coping with increased smog which some experts attribute to higher temperatures and climate change, but Paris has had to take drastic measures. Speed limits have been lowered on major highways in and out of the city. In addition, the number of vehicles allowed into the city each day has been reduced. This has been accomplished by the use of an alternate license plate numbering system. Officials have also made all public transportation free in an effort to urge citizens to use emission saving public options.

Other cities in France, including Lyon, have experienced record level pollution as well. While smog happens every winter, this year has shown it be especially harsh. Environmental and law enforcement officials are taking it seriously. In one day of monitoring license plates on vehicles in greater Paris, over 1700 fines were issued to drivers who were not supposed to be on the road. The campaign is meant also to educate, however some drivers are still feeling the hit in their wallets.

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