DEC 15, 2016 08:29 AM PST
Fundraising is Crucial To Cancer Research
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It seems that every week, the news brings word of a new cancer breakthrough or research project. It is true that many medical advances have come about recently, however a recent conference of oncologists in Germany had a different message. They urged their colleagues and others in the medical field to consider the search for more understanding on how cancer develops to become a "global priority"

Worldwide in 2015 there were 8 million deaths attributable to cancer. Experts predict that number will rise in 2016 and beyond. While hearing of medical advances and research findings might make people believe the problem is not urgent, the oncologists say that funding is still an issue. More than 600 new cancer drugs are now in the late stages of development. However, research and clinical trials are often expensive and time consuming and without funding to carry out widespread trials, the number of deaths will only increase.

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