DEC 17, 2016 11:33 PM PST
Drone Footage Shows Pod of Killer Whales Grabbing a Sharky Snack
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Although killer whales have a playful and almost child-like reputation, they can be just as predatory as other giant sea creatures, like sharks.

In this case, a pod of killer whales is seen from an overhead drone recording video from above in snatching what appears to be a juvenile shark and dragging it around in the water. It seems that for once the mighty ocean predator has become the prey, and for an unsuspecting predator.

The shark is difficult to spot at a first glance, and it takes most a double-take to see, but focus your eyes on the whales' mouths and you'll spot it at around the 10-second mark.

The footage was captured on December 13th in Monterey Bay, so this is literally just fresh off of the memory card.

With drones becoming more and more popular to the public, this kind of incredible footage is becoming more mainstream. Nothing quite beats a drone when it comes to stable birds-eye view video capture.

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