DEC 23, 2016 09:03 AM PST
Bringing Cancer Information Together in One Spot
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In any battle, knowledge is power and information is an advantage. This is especially true in cancer. Patients who receive a diagnosis of cancer, no matter what type or what stage, are understandably anxious and can have trouble finding the right resources to make informed decisions about their care. A new partnership between the American Cancer Society and The National Cancer Institute hopes to make it easier for patients to access whatever they need in a one stop website chock full of health information on all types of cancer, support groups and a myriad of other sources available to anyone fighting cancer.
The website, Springboard Beyond Cancer, has an easy to use interface for patients and their families. While there is plenty of information on the latest treatments and therapies, there are other kinds of assistance available on the site. Everything from social and emotional issues, to coping financially and adjusting to life after treatment is complete is easily found on the website, which clean and easy to read. The website can be found at

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