DEC 26, 2016 07:25 AM PST
Why Overpopulation Should be Everyone
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Better drugs and more effective medical advances have saved and extended countless of lives. One direct consequence of this impact is the exponential growth of the human population. But, as the world's resources are finite, overpopulation has become an unexpected problem of the 21st century. This is the fundamental premise of Dan Brown's recent bestseller Inferno.

By the US Census Bureau's most recent estimate, the world's human population is exceeding 7.47 billion. By contrast, the carrying capacity of the planet is between 4 to 16 billion, depending on the model that's being used. And if we believe the most conservative estimate - that the carrying capacity of Earth is around 4 billion - we've long surpassed the planet's ability to sustain us.

However, if we chose to believe that the planet can sustain up to 16 billion people, the problem of overpopulation doesn't go away. Rather, the problem would appear to loom in the near future, as the population growth is expected to get to double digits in a few more decades.

Watch the video to find out how overpopulation should be a big concern for everyone involved, and what actions are out there for us.

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