JAN 18, 2017 09:31 AM PST
Indian Rocks Beach Footage Shows Shark Jumping From the Ocean
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If you live in Florida, then you're probably no stranger to the ocean. A peninsula, the whole state is covered by water on three sides, and this means lots of residents take to the waters on boats to enjoy the ocean blue.

Of course, where there are oceans, there are sharks. This video footage shows young fishermen from Indian Rocks Beach, Florida who were exhilarated to lure in a large shark with their bait, but they weren't expecting to see the creature jump into the air from the ocean.

It takes a tremendous amount of force and speed for a shark to throw themselves out of the water like this. As you can imagine, the surprised and exhilarated fishermen spat out some strong language, but such is to be expected during moments like these.

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