JAN 19, 2017 08:08 AM PST
Plastic Water Bottle Shoes?!
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Do you know the processes that go into making your fashionable footwear? The common fabrication steps for shoes often require a lot of energy and resources, all which create carbon emissions and stir climate change. That's why two scientists created Rothy's. a footwear that reuses plastic water bottles to make stylish shoes in a matter of minutes. The company purchases PET water bottles from recycling centers and then grinds the bottles and caps to produce small flakes of material which are pushed through an extruder and combined together with air pressure to create the soft fiber. Using a 3D knitting machine, the fibers are woven into flats in six minutes - and cute ones at that.

Rothy's advertises their shoes as completely anti-microbial, machine-washable, and recyclable. They hope that their environmental consciousness encourages other companies to go green in their production processes as well. However, as an environmentalist myself I would caution buyers into thinking that this solution starts at the recycling step. Of course environmental innovations like this one are to be applauded; yet remember the first step is reducing the amount of plastic produced to begin with! Reduce, reuse, recycle!

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