JAN 23, 2017 02:26 PM PST
A climate change denier as head of the EPA?
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President Trump has nominated Attorney General of Oklahoma Scott Pruitt as his pick for Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. This is highly concerning for the future state of the EPA, the country, and the world, considering that Pruitt is a self-proclaimed climate change skeptic, meaning more precisely that he does not agree with the scientific opinion that is held by 97% of scientists that climate change is anthropogenic - caused by humans and our carbon emissions.

Pruitt has a legal record that boasts of actually fighting specifically against the EPA, with records of more than 50 new releases that promote his efforts to sue the EPA for various "overreaching" actions, according to The New York Times. The NY Times writes: "He has built his career suing the EPA in order to rollback its protection of the nation's air and water pollution policies, and challenging the very idea of federal action to control pollution." Hence, his nomination by President Trump, also a climate change denier, seems like one of those horrible nightmares that you can't wake up to no matter how much you scream, right?

That's exactly what Senator Sanders emotes in his "grilling" of Pruitt during the EPA Confirmation Hearing. Commenting on the record-breaking number of earthquakes that Oklahoma has had in recent years due to fracking, Sanders unsuccessfully attempts to get Pruitt to voice his own personal opinion on the human-caused changes to our environment. If you or anyone else you know are concerned about this man leading our nation's agency in charge of environmental protection, please make a call to your senator, and make YOUR voice heard.

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