FEB 09, 2017 03:54 PM PST
Don't Upset An Orca, or it Might Fling You Into the Air Like This Seal
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Killer whales are sometimes majestic, but at other times, brutal. It really depends whether you're on their good side or their bad side; sometimes it's a matter of whether or you look tasty or not.

In the case of this seal, dealing with killer whales is no laughing matter. The whale's incredibly strong tail fin had no problem catapulting the seal anywhere from 50-80 feet in the air before it free-fell back into the ocean.

When you see the splash, it's going to be cringe-worthy. It looks like a belly-flop gone wrong as the seal's body slams into the ocean's surface and sends an explosion of water into the air.

According to the video description, the seal died from the incident and the location where this happened wasn't released. The whale that made the attack on the seal was named T69C and was 20 years old when it all went down.

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