FEB 12, 2017 01:42 PM PST
Koch Institute at MIT Presents Amazing Images
POSTED BY: Carmen Leitch
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In this recently released video from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, you can get a look at the winners from 2014 Koch Institute Image Awards. These awards honor fabulous, striking microscopy images of cells taken by various investigators, who each give a short presentation about their work.

There is one presentation about every ten minutes throughout the video. The first short talk discusses work from the Hammond laboratory that illustrates conducting polymers; they work on plastics that have biological applications. Their image shows how plastics can be used as a growth medium for cancer cells. The aim is to use that methodology to characterize cancer cells, which would hopefully improve patient therapeutics.

Other talks discuss a wide range of research, including the development of mathematical algorithms to understand genetic networks, the use of incredibly tiny gold particles to treat tumors, and working to improve genetic engineering so it can be used to treat patients. All of these great, brief talks are accompanied by gorgeous images captured with powerful microscopy equipment.

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