FEB 15, 2017 05:35 AM PST
Some Shortages Due to Climate Change Impact?
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Climate change can have a cascade of effects from habitat loss, to crop failures. Parts of the UK are seeing some fallout from what could be the result of climate irregularities in Europe. In England most of the vegetables available in supermarkets and green grocers are grown in Spain or Italy. Poor weather in Spain, including large amounts of rain and lower temperatures, has resulted in shortages of some veggies. Iceberg lettuce and broccoli are the two most affected, with leading supermarket Tesco's putting a limit on how much of the greens customers can buy.

With the rain in Spain falling mostly on the veg, the shortages are being attributed to climate change factors. Spain is experiencing record colder temps as well as increased precipitation and the result is less green to go around. Both in terms of food and income for farmers who cannot grow enough to meet demand. The shortage is expected to last until April when hopefully the weather will turn and production will go up. Until then, supplies of the leafy vegetables popular for salads and side dishes might be a little scarce.

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