FEB 17, 2017 08:26 AM PST
Environmental Innovation: The Flower Solar Panel
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Solar technologists are continually striving to make solar panels more efficient in their energy-garnering powers. Smartflower is a technology that has managed to do just that with solar panels that follow the sun, just as a sunflower would. Because of that characteristic, Smartflower is able to generate 40% more energy than normal solar panels! Forty percent more energy ends up being about 4,000 kilowatt hours per year, which is enough to power a house!

Part of the smart technology is that the flower folds up within itself during the night time or during inclement weather, much as a flower itself would. In this way the system is able to protect itself from as much damage and wear as a regular photovoltaic solar system. The most innovative feature of Smartflower is that it is mobile! You can take your solar flower with you on the move and continually provide a clean energy source for your electric needs.

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