FEB 17, 2017 09:08 AM PST
Virtual Reality Glasses Give Sight Back to the Blind
POSTED BY: Xuan Pham
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For the 1.3 million Americans who are legally blind, a new wearable technology promises to give them back their vision, up to 20/25 vision. By combining cameras, sensors, mirrors, and graphics, the company eSight developed a device resembles virtual reality goggles. But it goes leaps and bounds beyond just augmenting reality since it can enhance the ability of the blind to actually see.

"The quality of the vision it restores, and the way it does it, and the size and appearance is head and shoulders above anything we've done before," said Brian Mech, eSight's CEO. "[Users] can see pretty much as well as anyone who's normally sighted."

Indeed, for people like Yvonne Felix who can't cross the street without the use of a cane or the aid of passersby, the eSight device is good enough to let her read the street names and enable her to walk to her destination unaided. Watch the video to learn more about Yvonne's story and how the eSight has transformed her quality of life.

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