FEB 23, 2017 10:23 AM PST
Are Men Really Smarter Than Women?
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The debate continues: are boys or girls smarter? Well, let's see what science has to say...

In terms of brain volume, men almost always have larger brains by around 8-13%, but size really doesn't have anything to do with intelligence. Women also have more wrinkles in their brains than men do, which results in more cortical surface area.

If brain size were important, then whales and dolphins would be smarter than humans, but their cognitive abilities aren't quite as robust as ours.

Back to the point, MRI observations reportedly show similar activities in the brain between men and women, suggesting that there's barely any difference in the way we think and comprehend information.

In terms of how capable our brains are, women are very strong speakers in comparison to men, but men show higher capabilities in the visual and spatial sector.

In terms of academics, women usually demonstrate higher class grades, but interestingly, SAT scores in the United States reveal that men typically score higher.

Nevertheless, all tests across the board seem to reveal that there are no major differences in intellect between men and women. In fact, a lot of performance issues have to do with a phenomenon known as the stereotype threat, which often reduces our confidence and increases our anxiety, making us score better or worse depending on the situation.

Overall, it would seem men and women are pretty equal in intelligence, so the stereotypes aren't scientifically supported.

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