MAR 03, 2017 06:05 AM PST
Sharing the Chemo Journey Online
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Social media can often be the venue for over-sharing. Whether it's embarrassing photos or endless bragging about seemingly "perfect" lives, some people just put way too much out there. Pharmacist Amy Smith, from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is using Facebook live broadcasts to share something very personal, but most see it as a good thing. Smith is undergoing chemotherapy to treat ovarian cancer. Each time she has a treatment she goes live on Facebook to share the day with people all over the world. Smith says she has received nothing but positive messages during her treatments.

The benefits of the broadcast seem to work both ways. Smith feels that they help provide information to patients and families about what chemo is really like and this can help others deal with their own disease. In addition, the support she feels from so many who watch her broadcasts helps her cope. Smith is a pediatric oncology pharmacist at the Saskatoon Cancer Centre and said her treatment as well as the experience of the live broadcasts has given her a rare insight to her work. Amy can be found on Facebook at the following URL:

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