MAR 05, 2017 11:32 AM PST
Exoskeletons Help Paralysis Patients Get Their Mobility Back
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The world around us is technologically advancing, and many of these advancements come by way of helping people to rebuild their lives after daunting accidents that take away their ability to walk and get around.

Exoskeletons are just one of these things that are coming into focus in these last few years. As the technology becomes cheaper to produce, exoskeletons are becoming more advanced and capable with each passing year.

While still expensive at this point in time, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars, modern exoskeleton designs are becoming lighter and more agile than any previous designs before them, and we're getting better at making them more efficiently.

For people who lose limbs or become paralyzed, exoskeletons prove to be a very real solution in helping those individuals to walk again.

With a bright future in the works for exoskeletons, it should be interesting to see what the future of this technology brings to the table.

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