MAR 19, 2017 11:40 AM PDT
This Parasitic Plant Smells Terrible
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There exists a really weird parasitic type of plant called Hydnora Africana, which thrives underground and essentially sucks the life and nutrients out of neighboring plant roots.

On the other hand, when the parasitic plant matures, it finally pokes out of the ground and blooms. When it does, it lets off a very stench smell that's reminiscent of rotting flesh.

Because of the smelly nature of this plant, it attracts flies and other insects, which get trapped inside and sprinkled with pollen. Afterwards, the insects are released and the pollen is often transferred to another host, which helps in reproduction.

Despite their awful smell, they produce a fruit underground that's reportedly not so foul. Some scientists say both animals and humans can find the fruit delicious; that is, if the smell doesn't turn you away first.

Indeed, it's a very weird type of plant. Lacking any chlorophyll, it doesn't require sunlight to survive, which is the primary reason it doesn't live above ground. It's also worth noting that they're only found in Southern Africa.

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