MAR 23, 2017 08:52 AM PDT
Another Option After Breast Cancer
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Many women opt for reconstructive surgery after breast cancer. For some it makes them feel whole again after treatment and surgery. Not every woman will choose this option however. A new trend emerging in cancer care is called "Going Flat" where a woman chooses not to have surgical reconstruction of the breast area. Rather than going back to what they looked like before cancer, some women are embracing the scars and their new shape.

While reconstructive surgery is still the norm, involving implants placed in the chest wall, not every patient tolerates them well. Implants can rupture or leak, they can cause infections and they can migrate from their original placement to lower on the chest or into the armpit. Sometimes this requires removal and additional surgery and some women just don't want to bother with it. Networking among women who have chosen to forego surgery is becoming popular because there is a kinship to be found when patients meet others who have made similar choices. The choice will vary from patient to patient and while surgery is still chosen by thousands of women, a new way of looking at post breast cancer options is emerging for those women who want to go a different way. Caution: Video contains some pictures of post-surgical patients. Viewer Discretion advised

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