APR 11, 2017 06:36 AM PDT
SpaceX Shares Awesome Footage of its Used Falcon 9 Landing
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SpaceX went into its own history books on Thursday, March 30th when it successfully launched and landed a used Falcon 9 rocket to put the SES-10 satellite into space.

It was a very important milestone for the commercial space company, as launching and landing a Falcon 9 rocket that was used previously on a space mission meant that they had officially achieved and demonstrated the future of reusable rocket technology.

SpaceX recorded the landing up close from cameras mounted on the drone ship that was used to land the rocket in the middle of the ocean. The footage shows the rocket making an upright landing without much fuss.

Immediately observable is the way that the landing struts absorb the impact of the fall, which is seen in the way the entire rocket appears to bounce up and down slightly as it sticks the landing.

If SpaceX can keep this up, then the price of going to space will be reduced significantly, allowing more commercial access to space than ever before.

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