APR 27, 2017 07:10 AM PDT
Here's Why Your Breath Stinks After Eating Garlic
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Have you ever noticed that garlic always leaves you with stinky breath? It smells so good when it's cooking and when it's infused with delicious food, but the nasty side-effect of eating it is so tainting that getting a kiss from your significant other after devouring it can be like pulling teeth.

So why does this happen? Garlic actually releases a total of six sulfur-containing compounds in the body once its ingested. While most of those are metabolized in a short period of time, one of them lingers around for a bit and is absorbed by the bloodstream where it gets carried to the lungs.

If you can put two and two together, the rest isn't that hard to figure out. Once it's in the lungs, you're going to be exhaling garlic fumes until there are no more garlic fumes left to exhale.

Unfortunately, because the stink is inside your lungs, even brushing your teeth and using mouthwash isn't going to help. These only clean your mouth, so the odor will continue to originate from your lungs. Eating mint or apples, on the other hand, can help to reduce garlic's negatively pungent effects.

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