APR 28, 2017 07:28 AM PDT
Ultrasonic Dryers Dry Clothes Faster and Don't Use Heat
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Current dryer technology has been around for ages, and drying machines use heat as a means of removing all the excess water from your clothes after a run in the washer.

While it is an effective way to dry your clothes off, engineers are hard at work in developing new forms of dryer technology. One possible idea is an ultrasonic dryer that can dry your clothes up to twice as fast.

Another benefit is that because of the ultrasonic qualities, it doesn't need to produce heat to dry your clothes. This means potentially massive savings for dryer usage for everyone who uses their own washer and dryer at home to do their laundry.

The secret to the ultrasonic dryer are special vibrating oscillators that essentially shake the water right out of your clothes. The water evacuates the clothes as a fine mist, which is then sucked out of the air in the dryer. In the end, all that's left is a pile of dry clothes, and no side of water.

It should be cool to see when this kind of technology finally starts to hit the market, because it looks like a significant leap forward in conserving energy and making life easier.

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