APR 28, 2017 08:43 PM PDT
Some Americans Purposely Drank Radioactive Water in the 1900s
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Back in the 1900's radiation wasn't as well understood as it is today. In fact, we thought it could be harnessed in ways that we know today to be very dangerous.

Because of our ignorance to radiation at the time, one manufacturer actually produced a type of drinking water with a mix of radioactive solution called radium. In short, it made the water radioactive.

The water was advertised to be able to enhance energy, cure troublesome health issues, and even increase libido, but it wasn't long before scientists learned that the radioactive water was poisoning and killing some drinkers.

One man who died from drinking too much of the radioactive water had so much radiation stored in his body after death that he needed to be buried in a lead-lined coffin to protect the surrounding environment.

Today, you probably wouldn't even consider drinking radioactive water. But what do you really know about all the other chemicals that are being used to treat your water instead?

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