MAY 11, 2017 06:11 AM PDT
In 1,000 years, Will We Become Part Human, Part Machine?
POSTED BY: Xuan Pham
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The human race is constantly evolving in response to our ever-changing environment. Arguably, with the swift progress of scientific innovations happening, the biggest changes in our appearances are yet to come. Here's a look at what some scientists speculate humanity will look like in the next 1,000 years.

For starters, prosthetic technologies may enable people to perceive things that would previously be undetectable with ordinary senses. For example, bionic eyes can allow humans to see different energies of light, and super-charged hearing aids can allow us to amplify our sense of hearing.

Still, some of the biggest changes may be happening internally, inside our DNA. The advent of gene-editing technologies like CRISPR has made it enormously feasible to modify our own genetics. If successfully applied to diseases, humans could potentially evolve to be even more resilient.

These great changes are speculated if we stay on Earth. However, even more drastic changes are predicted if humans venture to other planets for survival. Watch the video to learn more!

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