MAY 16, 2017 08:24 AM PDT
Like Velveeta Cheese? Here's What's Really in it
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Almost everyone loves cheese because it's a great topping for various dishes, but the type of cheese you use does matter.

Although many people swear by the health benefits of eating all-natural, fresh cheese, many families simply eat the cheap stuff - pasteurized, processed cheese that comes in the form of 'Velveeta' and American individual-wrapped singles.

These kinds of cheese are commonly used in sandwiches and are actually a mixture of older cheeses and an emulsifier. These cheeses are chemically modified to melt at certain temperatures so that they're made perfect for cooking things like macaroni and cheese or grilled cheese sandwiches.

The original 'Velveeta'-like cheese was designed just before World War I by J.L. Kraft, who was trying to find a way to make a use for all the older cheeses that were just collecting dust. He mixed his old cheese with newer cheese, and the end result was the processed American cheese singles that almost all companies are producing today.

Processed cheese is usually not as healthy as all-natural stuff, but it's certainly good-tasking and more affordable.

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