MAY 25, 2017 06:37 AM PDT
Why Not to Pour Grease Down Your Sink's Drain
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We're probably all guilty of putting grease down the drain at some point or another. Whether we're cooking bacon or some other kind of greasy food, it's seemingly more convenient to say goodbye to it as it runs down the drain than it is to clean it up any other way.

Unfortunately, putting grease down the drain in your kitchen sink leads to problems down the line - not only for you, but also for the public sewer system. Grease turns to liquid form when it's hot, but as it cools, it solidifies. With that in mind, you can probably already guess what happens next...

The solidification process can clog up your sink's drain, and worse, the public sewer systems. The grease eventually breaks down into both fatty acids and glycerol solutions, where the fatty acids go on to chemically react with calcium in the public sewer system to form what are known as 'fatbergs.'

These fatbergs typically grow in size until they're dealt with by sewer-cleaning crews, and they can cause flow regulation issues that have a negative impact for everyone who depends on that same sewer system.

Rather than pouring your grease down the drain, it's better to let it harden and then throw it into the trash. From there, it reaches your local trash incinerator or landfill where it can be disposed of properly.

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