JUN 04, 2017 07:46 AM PDT
Fly-By Video Illustrates Just How Incredible of a Sight Jupiter Really is
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Jupiter is a huge planet, and while we can gaze upon it from the Earth's surface with powerful space observation telescopes and with space telescopes orbiting our planet, nothing really gets as close up and in person as Juno, which is currently orbiting the planet as we speak.

Juno is tasked with learning more about Jupiter's atmosphere, magnetic field, and composition, all of which require us to get up close and personal with the largest gassy planet of the Solar System.

This video, which was produced by stitching together all of the images we've received from Juno so far, does a pretty good job of illustrating not only how large Jupiter is, but also how beautiful its multi-colored atmosphere is.

Captured up close are the clouds of gas, the great storms, and swirling chaotic formations that make up the poles of Jupiter.

Jupiter sure is an interesting place, and we can't wait to find out what Juno can tell us about it.

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