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organic acids analysis
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organic acids analysis is an organic compound, which possesses acidic properties. The most common Organic Acids is carboxylic acid, whose molecular formula is RCOOH and the acidity is associated with their carboxyl group -COOH. Sulfonic acids is relatively stronger acids than carboxylic acid and contains the carboxyl group-SO2OH. Organic compounds containing the carboxyl group are generally referred to as Organic Acids in biological systems. Organic Acids have very widely applications in the food manufacture. For example, citric acid, which is a type of Organic Acid can be found in sodas and canned tomatoes. Acetic acid, which is used to make vinegar, is a very famous Organic Acid. Organic Acids are also used in the field of pharmaceutical production, leather tanning and other field to manufacturing of other organic chemicals.

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