JUN 07, 2017 07:20 AM PDT
Nutella is Good, But it's Not Good for You
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Nutella is enjoyed by people all over the world as a spread to put on sandwiches and more. Although it's does have hazelnuts in its recipe, it's much less healthy for you than you might think.

Jam-packed with sugar, Nutella has many more unhealthy ingredients than it does healthy ingredients, and so even the manufacturer recommends eating it in moderation by using the label's service size suggestion to guide your conscious healthy eating decisions.

Just one serving of Nutella alone has almost 21 grams of sugar in it, which is all the sugar most people should be eating in a single day.

The problem is amplified by the fact that people don't generally go by the serving size recommendations on the back; rather, they eat the stuff until they feel full of whatever they're eating with it.

Since sugar just turns to fat in the body, you should really try to balance your Nutella out with other healthier foods.

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