JUN 15, 2017 06:35 AM PDT
"Living Drugs" for Cancer Patients
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Immunotherapy is the way of the future in cancer care, and a recent development in this field concerns "Living drugs." Made with a patient's own blood and cells, formed into specific kinds of T cells that can attack blood cancers, they are a game changer for some. What's even better is that since the drugs are made from a patient's own blood and DNA, they are uniquely formulated to target whatever particular cancer that patient has. It's called cellular immunotherapy and it's a boon to patients with intractable forms of leukemia or lymphoma

It's experimental at this point, only being used in a few study centers. Some pharmaceutical companies are working on drugs that use the process of converting blood to drugs, however not all have been successful. The next step is doing more research into solid tumors and how these living drugs could help in other cancers like brain, breast and lung.

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